albania: trafficked boys and young men

This report addresses a major gap in the COI literature and contributes to a more transparent and informed debate about young male victims of trafficking from Albania. Read more


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meet the team

Asylos's 100 volunteers are organised into regional teams and supported by dedicated staff and consultants, a board of trustees and the advisory committee. Read more

afghanistan: young male 'westernised' returnees to kabul

This report serves to counterbalance a lack of country information and contribute to a more informed debate about the situation of young ‘Westernised’ returnees to Afghanistan. Read more

research under pressure in the legal system

Surprisingly little is known about how NGOs and asylum lawyers conduct research for asylum claims. To close this gap, Asylos interviewed 20 asylum lawyers and NGO staff throughout Europe. Read more


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our mission

We believe in fair process. Those who flee persecution deserve to be heard and believed. We provide the research that ensures asylum decisions are based on proof—not prejudice. Read more


All job vacancies at Asylos. Find out how you can become a member of our management team. Read more

pair your firm

Pairing your law firm with Asylos will give you an opportunity to help us advance the law and overturn injustices. Read more


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Our partners

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be an ambassador

Whether you are looking for a personal challenge or want to raise awareness about Asylos, your fundraising can help us conduct research for refugees. Read more

trusts and foundations

Asylos has the backing of some of the world’s foremost philanthropists, but we need your help to give more asylum seekers a chance at justice. Read more

apply to volunteer

Asylos needs volunteer researchers to help prove asylum claims through open source investigations (OSINT) of country-of-origin information (COI). Join us today! Read more

current opportunities

Asylos recruits volunteer researchers to help us substantiate refugees' asylum claims by creating on-demand, tailored reports. See what skills we need now. Read more


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what we do

Asylos researchers use investigative research techniques to access country of origin information and help refugees claim their right to asylum. Read more

facts and figures

Find out how Asylos has grown to help more refugees and asylum-seekers than ever. Read more


Can you spare two hours per week? Join one of our research teams and help us research information for asylum claims. Read more