On this page you can download our report Sudan: Children and Young People, produced by Asylos and kindly funded by the Trust for London.

Our report combines timely, publicly available information with new insights from interviews and correspondence with six experts on Child Protection and the Sudanese context. Additionally the report includes extensive materials related to the current conflict and humanitarian crisis as well as background information about the situation for children and young people in Sudan that preceded these events. 

Together, these sources reveal a grim picture of the current situation for civilians in Sudan. The conflict, which began in April 2023, has resulted in significant loss of life, widespread displacement, and severe shortages of food, water, medicine, fuel, and electricity, leaving civilians without essential services.

Children and young people are particularly vulnerable in this crisis, facing multiple grave risks, including recruitment as child soldiers, sexual exploitation, slavery, trafficking, rape, and enforced disappearances. Their education and healthcare are severely disrupted, leaving millions without access to schooling and medical care. In regions like El Fasher in North Darfur, the situation is especially critical, the city is under siege, cutting off access to food, water, and medical supplies, pushing the area to the brink of famine. Many children face severe malnutrition, and aid organisations struggle to deliver assistance due to restrictions on movement and lack of resources. Ethnic cleansing has been reported, particularly in the Darfur region, where non-Arab communities such as the Massalit have been targeted.

We hope that the report will help fill the gap in the COI literature and contribute to fairer, more transparent, and evidence-based decision-making about this topic.

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Sudan: Children and Young People
June 2024