On this page you can download our report Country of Origin Information (COI) for Children and Young People in Rwanda: A Snapshot of Access to Rights and Services, produced by Asylos and kindly funded by the Trust for London. 

This snapshot provides a brief overview of the current state of access to fair procedures in Rwanda, focusing on key areas such as competent legal advice, timely decisions, the right of appeal, and age-appropriate support. The report outlines the provisions in the Rwandan system like the child-centred asylum system, the quality of legal advice, and the processes for challenging asylum refusals. It also covers children's rights to liberty, freedom of movement, education, health, and welfare services, along with specific support for separated children. Additionally, the report outlines procedures for stateless children to acquire nationality, the risks of persecution or harm, support for children disclosing trafficking or exploitation, the family reunification process, and the assistance provided to separated children as they turn 18.

We hope that the report will help fill the gap in the COI literature and thus contribute to a more transparent and informed debate about the topic.

Image in banner: Kigali, Rwanda - August 17 2022: A view of the Kigali skyline taken from Gisozi. - Jennifer Sophie (via Shutterstock)

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A Snapshot of Access to Rights and Services for Children and Young People
June 2024

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