On this page you can download our report Sierra Leone: Autism, produced by Asylos' volunteer network.

This research report was produced in response to information needs of people seeking asylum. This report is part of an initiative to make a selection of our research available publicly. In making this report widely accessible, we hope that the research can contribute to fair and evidence-based decision making.

Findings in this report are presented in reverse chronological order.

This Country of Origin Information (COI) report is intended as background reference material for legal representatives and those assisting asylum seekers. The COI report should be used as a tool to help identify relevant COI. It is imperative that legal representatives and those assisting asylum seekers read the whole COI report and consider whether, having done so, the report is, on balance likely to support the specific case in which it is proposed to rely upon it. Please also note that it may be appropriate for legal representatives to seek additional individualised information.

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Sierra Leone: Autism 
May 2024
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