Each year, we produce one extensive thematic research report for a group of vulnerable persons seeking asylum. We publish new interview excerpts alongside existing information to shed light on the circumstances that these individuals may be facing in their home countries. Lawyers, NGOs and decision-makers can use this research to better understand the context from which persons seeking asylum have fled. Alongside this country report we develop a Principles document to guide those conducting COI research on these themes.  

1. Principles on Conducting Disability-focused COI: This guidance document builds on our work around the situation of Children and Young People with Disabilities in Nigeria, previously published on our website and produced jointly by Asylos and Asylum Research Centre (ARC) Foundation and kindly funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation

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 Disability-focused COI

2. Principles on Conducting Statelessness-focused COI: This guidance document builds on our work around the situation of stateless Palestinians in Lebanon, previously published on our website.

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 Statelessness-focused COI
March 2023

3. Principles on Conducting Child-specific COI: The Principles in this guidance document were originally co-developed with Asylum Research Centre (ARC) Foundation.

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 Child-specific COI
June 2024

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These documents are part of a series of strategic research reports that address critical gaps in country of origin information. Its publication was made possible with the kind support of the Trust for London. 

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