we stand for asylum decisions based on evidence

researching case-specific information

we research vital information to support people fleeing war, violence, persecution and grave threats claim their right to protection.

producing new sources

we map pertinent information gaps and address these by publishing interviews with experienced individuals.

promoting better procedures

we gather data about the use and impact of evidence in asylum courts and advocate for better procedures and fairer decision-making.

our services

Asylos provides country of origin information research services to help lawyers and caseworkers support their clients through the refugee procedure.




Can you spare two hours per week? Join one of our research teams and help us research information for asylum claims.



be an ambassador

Whether you are looking for a personal challenge or want to raise awareness about Asylos, your fundraising can help us conduct research for refugees.



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    Thanks to generous funding from the European Programme for Integration and Migration (Epim), Asylos recently held an intense two-day coordination meeting in Brussels with volunteers from many countries. Asylos Trustee Alexandra Dufresne shares some impressions. Read more

  • Why Meticulous Country Conditions Research Is Essential to Winning Asylum in the U.S.

    In the U.S., claims for asylum and other forms of human rights protection are often won or lost on the facts, not the law. Our Trustee Alexandra Dufresne explains how for many asylum seekers in the U.S., Asylos’s country conditions research can make the difference. Read more

  • In love in Afghanistan: One woman's fight for her future

    L is a young Afghan woman, forced to flee the country as a result of following her heart instead of her family’s will. Like many trailblazing women in Afghanistan, she faces stigma and violence for taking her own path. Read more