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Our research counters misinformation and stereotypes, challenging public misconceptions that make their way into courts, and supporting individuals who are fleeing human rights violations underreported in the media.

Our volunteers conduct research free of charge. Asylos facilitates their recruitment, training and coordination, creating a network of citizens dedicated to taking evidence-based decision making. With your generous donation, we will continue to develop this network to provide an even greater number of asylum seekers and their legal counsel access to live-saving research. You will be supporting our outreach to reinforce the rule of law in your country's asylum system.

Your donation helps us build a world in which every refugee has access to a fair asylum procedure based on proof, not prejudice.

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trusts and foundations

We are committed to creating a sustainable system which ensures that every asylum applicant in any country has access to high-quality documentation. To do that we are always looking for opportunities to strengthen and expand our capacity. We have the backing of some of the world’s foremost philanthropists, but we need your help to give more asylum-seekers a chance at justice. 

  • Help us edit our research notes for publication, or commission a report on a topic that is underreported
  • Facilitate specialised country-of-origin information research workshops for lawyers in your country
  • Bring lawyers in your country together with our volunteers for an annual (digital) summit in training and research development
  • Support us in developing technical tools to make the COI research process even more efficient

More information about our finances and our most recent annual accounts are available here.

We are sure you have questions. Contact us on [email protected] to find out more. 

law firms and chambers

Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential element of every law firm's public engagement. By pairing your law firm with Asylos, you will be helping us reinforce the rule of law and prevent injustice in our immigration system

Paired firms support Asylos with a monthly donation of at least £1,000/€1.200 and receive acknowledgement on our website and an invitation to our annual volunteer summit, as well as other potential benefits. Your support will provide access to justice for the most vulnerable. It will help lift the strain off overworked pro-bono and legal-aid asylum lawyers, who will be able focus fully on the legal arguments while we collect the evidence.

Get in touch with us on [email protected] to submit an inquiry.