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  • Rwanda: Mental Health Provision, June 2024

  • Rwanda: Trafficking, June 2024

Our reports combine timely, publicly available information on Rwanda. 


The Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Act 2024 is a law in the UK which came into force on 25 April 2024. The law states that decision makers must conclusively treat Rwanda as a safe country. The law does not allow for a decision to be challenged on the basis that Rwanda is unsafe generally. However, the law allows for a decision to be challenged based on compelling evidence relating specifically to a person’s individual circumstance. Country of Origin Information (COI) is therefore relevant in evidencing Rwanda as a safe or unsafe country for the person in question.

Purpose of Asylos’ Rwanda country of origin information on mental health provision and trafficking

Asylos produced these compilations of Country of Origin Information in response to high demand for information evidencing mental health provision as well as identification, protection and prevention of trafficking in Rwanda. Through consultations with legal representatives and charities in the UK, Asylos developed terms of reference focusing on select issues. Sources published between June 2022 and June 2024 were reviewed. Asylos’ COI reports may be subject to future updates, depending on demand. 

We hope that these reports will help fill the gap in the COI literature and contribute to fairer, more transparent, and evidence-based decision-making about these areas.

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Rwanda: Mental Health Provision
June 2024

Access the Report

Rwanda: Trafficking
June 2024
This report is being updated

Asylos’s previous Rwanda Country of Origin Information research

    A Country of Origin Information report 'Rwanda: A Snapshot of Access to Rights and Services for Children and Young People' (2024), which provides a brief overview of the current state of access to procedures in Rwanda for children and young people. Issues covered include legal advice, timely decisions, the right of appeal, and age-appropriate support. The report also covers children's rights to liberty, freedom of movement, education, health, and welfare services, along with specific support for separated children. The report outlines procedures for stateless children to acquire nationality, any risks of persecution or harm, support for children disclosing trafficking or exploitation, the family reunification process, and the assistance provided to separated children as they turn 18. This report was produced as part of the project work on children and young people. 

   'A Commentary on the UK Home Office Country Policy and Information Note: Rwanda, asylum system, and the related Country Policy and Information Note: Rwanda, assessment' (2022) 

    A Country of Origin Information report 'Rwanda: COI Compilation Asylum system' (2022) covering information on Refugee Status Determination (RSD) in Rwanda, Rwandese nationals who claim asylum in other countries, conditions for individuals who claim asylum in Rwanda, and refoulement of individuals under a bilateral agreement between Rwanda and Israel.

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