On this page, you can download our commentary on the European Union Agency for Asylum’s Query Response on the treatment of military deserters by the Russian authorities since the invasion of Ukraine. The commentary was developed jointly with the Dutch Council for Refugees, and Asylos’ involvement was kindly funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. 

Over 2022, the European Union Agency for Asylum produced two Country of Origin Information (COI) Queries one of which focused on how the Russian authorities treat military deserters, and the other, which addressed the treatment of protesters, journalists, and human rights defenders who criticise the war. You can also access our commentary on the Query Response addressing the treatment of protesters, journalists, human rights defenders here

With no clear end to the invasion of Ukraine in sight, it is likely that Russian citizens who face targeting by the authorities for opposition to the war or military desertion will continue to seek asylum abroad. In light of the likely ongoing need of decision makers and lawyers for accurate and timely COI on the situation, Asylos and the Dutch Council for Refugees hope that our commentaries will provide a useful guide in order to highlight observed gaps and omissions within the Query, as well as to highlight additional relevant COI.

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Commentary on the EUAA Query Response on the Russian Federation:
Treatment of military deserters by state authorities
December 2022

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