Through consultations with legal representatives and charities in the UK, Asylos has become aware of the absence of relevant Country of Origin Information (COI) about stateless persons and simultaneously, the low awareness of statelessness issues in the immigration and asylum legal sector. 

Throughout the past year, we have embarked on a project to address information gaps about stateless persons who are seeking international protection and stateless status. 

We are pleased to share six research principles in our newest publication. It is our hope that they will encourage COI researchers, legal representatives and decision-makers alike to take a more holistic and informed approach to international protection claims involving stateless persons, which will in turn lead to an improvement in the availability of good quality COI research and well-founded decisions. 

Principles for Conducting Country of Origin Information
Research on Statelessness
1 March 2023

This guidance document builds on our work around the situation of stateless Palestinians in Lebanon, previously published on our website. We are continuing to develop this project and will soon be announcing a series of free statelessness-specific COI training webinars on our website.