In May 2022, the UK Home Office published four Country Policy and Information Notes about Rwanda in order to assist them in their assessment whether Rwanda could be classified as a ‘safe third country of asylum’, and whether a person relocated to Rwanda would face a real risk of being subjected to treatment contrary to Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

In our commentary, we identify what we consider to be the main information gaps and omissions in the Country Policy and Information Note: Rwanda, asylum system, and the key inconsistencies between the available Country of Origin Information on the Rwandan asylum system and the conclusions reached in the Country Policy and Information Note: Rwanda, assessment.

We hope that this commentary will provide a useful guide for legal practitioners and decision makers in respect of observed inconsistencies, gaps and omissions in relation to the above-mentioned Country Policy and Information Notes, as well as providing additional relevant Country of Origin Information on the issues identified.

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Rwanda: Asylum System
July 2022

The commentary is the first in a series of Asylos commentaries on UK Home Office Country Policy and Information Notes. Its publication was made possible with the kind support of the Justice Together Initiative.

For more information about this publication, visit our corresponding project page and read our blog post discussing some of our main findings.

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