On this page, you can download our commentary on the UK Home Office’s recently published Country Policy and Information Note: Rwanda, asylum system and on the related Country Policy and Information Note: Rwanda, assessment. In addition, you can download our Country of Origin Information compilation on the same topic. The publications were kindly funded by the Justice Together Initiative.

The commentary has been produced in response to the publication of suite of Country Policy and Information Notes on Rwanda by the UK Home Office, following the announcement by the UK Prime Minister on 14 April 2022, of a new policy that will see people who are deemed to have arrived in the UK through illegal means, including those fleeing persecution and war, relocated to Rwanda to have their asylum claims processed there. Under the new policy, if granted international protection, refugees will be expected to start a new life in Rwanda. Should this policy be implemented as envisaged by the UK government, it promises to have profound consequences for those seeking refuge on UK shores.

The Country Policy and Information notes on Rwanda analysed in the commentary were produced in order to assist the UK government to assess whether Rwanda could be classified as a ‘safe third country of asylum’, and whether a person relocated to Rwanda would face a real risk of being subjected to treatment contrary to Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Our commentary identifies what Asylos considers to be the main information gaps and omissions in the Country Policy and Information Note: Rwanda, asylum system, and the key inconsistencies between the available Country of Origin Information on the Rwandan asylum system and the conclusions reached in the Country Policy and Information Note: Rwanda, assessment

We hope that this commentary will provide a useful guide for legal practitioners and decision makers in respect of observed inconsistencies, gaps and omissions in relation to the above-mentioned Country Policy and Information Notes, as well as providing additional relevant Country of Origin Information on the issues identified.

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Rwanda: Asylum System
July 2022

Also refer to our blog post about this publication in which we discuss some of the commentaries main findings.

As part of the background research for the commentary, we compiled a collection of Country of Origin Information about the Rwandan asylum system. Due to high demand from the legal community, we have made this collection available for download. 

The COI compilation is intended as background reference material for legal representatives and those assisting asylum seekers who are informed of the Home Office’s intention to relocate them to Rwanda, to assist in the preparation of their case. The COI compilation should be used as a tool to help identify relevant COI. Legal representatives are welcome to submit relevant excerpts cited in this document to decision makers (including judges) to assist an asylum seeker’s case. However, this document should not be submitted directly, in its entirety or in isolation as evidence to decision-makers in asylum related submissions or appeals.

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Rwanda: COI Compilation, Asylum System
August 2022

"This detailed and balanced report exposes huge gaps in the official Home Office assessment of Rwanda, lack of evidence to support the conclusions reached and highly selective quoting of some sources of information. The picture that emerges is of a retrospective attempt to justify a political decision already made by ministers.” - Colin Yeo, Founder of Free Movement
“Excellent and in depth analysis of the Home office’s inadequate CPIN on Rwanda’s asylum system, pulled together at speed by Asylos’ wonderful team. Essential reading for anyone with a client who has been issued with a Notice of Intent for Rwanda” - Sonia Lenegan, immigration, asylum and public law solicitor

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