Phil Arnold
is Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees at Asylos and has had a range of roles progressing human rights. Phil has supported people seeking asylum and refugees since 2002 in a variety of roles and countries. He is currently Head of Refugee Support for the British Red Cross (BRC), responsible for delivering a diverse range of programmes that support people seeking asylum, refugees, and reunited refugee families in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Phil leads on BRC's integration programmes both in the UK and in Europe, which includes a portfolio of programmes on refugee participation, integration of reunited refugee families, and resettlement programmes. Outside of his operational experience, Phil has an Honorary Research role with Strathclyde University providing lecture and research inputs on human rights and social work programmes and is a member of the Scotland committee of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, responsible for ensuring the Commission's work in promoting human rights and equality meets the needs of the people in Scotland.