On this page you can download our report Nigeria: Children and Young People with Disabilities, produced jointly by Asylos and Asylum Research Centre (ARC) Foundation and kindly funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Our report combines relevant and timely publicly available material with new information generated through interviews or written correspondence with eight individuals with authoritative knowledge on the topic. Together these sources paint a troubling picture of the situation for children and young people with disabilities in Nigeria, despite the recent adoption of legislation by the State to comply with their obligations under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Sources highlight the multiple forms and layers of discrimination, by state actors and within communities and families, and the prevailing lack of protection or access to redress, that affect children and young people with disabilities in Nigeria, severely impairing their lives and in many cases putting them at risk of exploitation and harm.

We hope that the report will help fill the gap in the COI literature and thus contribute to a more transparent and informed debate about the topic.

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Nigeria: Children and Young People with Disabilities
October 2021

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The report is part of a series of strategic research reports that address critical gaps in country of origin information.