We are excited to announce that we are recruiting for a new staff member.

We are looking for an experienced Programme Manager based in the UK or the Netherlands with a passion for Country of Origin Information (COI) research. 

Under the supervision of the Director, the Programme Manager will independently implement a number of projects to develop thematic COI reports, review external COI products and conduct COI-related training. This will also require managing external Associates and volunteers supporting these projects. 

This is a full-time paid position, starting in January 2022 and lasting for two years (subject to renewal for one additional year).

Key responsibilities of this role include:

  • Reviewing COI products by government and other providers of COI in the UK and beyond
  • Publishing commentaries on COI products produced by governments and other providers of COI in the UK and beyond 
  • Coordinating the production of thematic COI reports, filling a crucial information gap for COI in the UK
  • Developing thematic training handbooks and deliver online training sessions for legal representatives 
  • Establishing and maintain strong working relations with Asylos’ partners and other key external stakeholders, primarily in the UK and EU
  • As relevant, representing Asylos at conferences and events, government meetings, in the media and other fora to promote and advocate for an improved production and use of COI
  • Providing guidance to and work in close collaboration with the Director, Asylos’ volunteer community, and Associates on COI-related issues
  • Reviewing Asylos’ case-specific COI research reports for publication
  • Conducting impact assessment and report to funders 
  • Participating in the planning, development and implementation of activities under one or more of Asylos’ other work streams as required
  • Engaging in any other tasks, including administrative, as required and in consultation with the Director

For more information about the role, please refer to this job ad. Deadline for applications is 14th November 2021.

People with lived experience of the asylum system or from communities disproportionately impacted by the immigration system and/or structural racism are particularly encouraged to apply.

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