We are thrilled to welcome three new members to the Advisory Committee, all of whom have knowledge, skills, and perspectives that enrich and expand the committee further. As Advisory Committee members, they will be offering expert advise on issues such as NGO management, inclusion, strategy and positioning, fundraising and partnerships.

Anila Noor is a refugee activist based in the Netherlands. As a consultant, she also works with different institutions on designing projects on inclusion and diversity. 

Nour Machlah is an architecture master’s student, public speaker and policy advisor on issues such as the new Common European Asylum System, based in Lisbon.

Salim Salamah is a Syrian Palestinian activist focusing on the issue of statelessness among the Syrian-Palestinian population after repeated forced displacement.

We are excited to have their contribution going forward and extend a warm welcome to Anila, Nour and Salim.


        Meet Anila                    Meet Nour                    Meet Salim