The report is the third in a series of strategic research reports that address most critical gaps in country-of-origin information

This joint report by Asylos and ARC Foundation addresses an information gap on the topic of state treatment of LGBTQI+ persons in Ghana. The topic was chosen through consultation with legal representatives in the UK who identified this as an existing gap in country of origin information (COI). Tribunal guidance in the form of UK Country Guidance determinations on this issue is non - existent and currently UK Home Office figures indicate a low acceptance rate at first instance and of allowed appeals of asylum claims. In sharing our findings, we hope to fill the gap in COI literature about the treatment of LGBTQI+ persons fearing the state and thus contribute to a more informed and complete picture of the situation.

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Ghana: State Treatment of LGBTQI+ Persons
March 2021

Our report includes interviews carried out with nine different interlocutors ranging from academics, LGBTQI+ activists and NGO directors based in Ghana, the UK and the US. It covers the following research areas relating to state treatment of LGBTQI+ in Ghana:

  • Legal Context
  • Law in Practice
  • State Attitudes and Treatment
  • LGBTQI+ Civil Society Organisations
  • Situation of Transgender Persons
  • Situation of Intersex Persons

In order to improve and to measure the impact of our publications we would be extremely grateful for any comments and feedback as to how the reports have been used in refugee status determination processes, or beyond, by completing our feedback form here.

More about Asylos and ARC Foundation’s ‘strategic research project’
On the back of our 2017 report on ‘Westernised’ Young Men being Returned to Kabul, Asylos and ARC Foundation have received a three-year grant to publish a series of strategic research reports with the aim of addressing the most critical gaps in country of origin information (COI) in UK refugee status determination procedures. The first report was published in May 2019 Albania: Trafficked Boys and Young Men, the second report was published in May 2020 Vietnam: Returned Victims of Trafficking. The topic for each report is chosen from the suggestions we receive from practitioners supporting asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants in the UK, with periodical call outs being announced through legal networks and on our website. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] and [email protected] to learn more about the project and topic scoping. 

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