Asylos is pleased to announce the publication of our 2018 Statistics Report

The report shows, among other things, that Asylos successfully completed 118 high quality, peer-reviewed, tailored COI research reports in 2018. This marks an 18% increase from 2017, including a 500% increase in requests from the United States. Research requests regarding Eastern Europe and Russia dropped significantly, and Iraq made up 25% of all reports produced by the MENA team.

The report covers the percentage of accepted requests, the countries researched, and the languages in which research is conducted, among other relevant aspects of our work. The report also includes a breakdown of requests by team as well as some interesting tidbits about the most researched countries and topics. 

Asylos uses the information in the report to identify and adapt to trends in lawyers' requirements and determine the skills and knowledge required when recruiting and organising our volunteer researchers.

Read more about the insights from our 2018 Statistics Report on our blog. The full report can be found here.