About Asylos

Asylos is a global network of over 100 volunteers that provides high-quality country-of-origin information (COI) research to help asylum seekers claim their right to safety under international law. Asylos is registered as a UK Charity, led by a small team of staff and supported by a dynamic board of trustees.

At Asylos, we believe that every asylum seeker deserves a fair opportunity to claim his or her right to protection. Evidence to prove persecution or to support the credibility of individual testimony is a vital element in the decisions taken to grant or withhold asylum. But many refugees and their legal representatives cannot access this necessary information. To redress this imbalance and protect the right to asylum, Asylos volunteers leverage their research skills, contextual knowledge, and contacts on the ground to:

  • ensure that asylum seekers and their legal counsel have access to crucial information to substantiate their claim
  • ensure that the asylum procedure is evidence-based and unbiased

After ten years of growth and professionalisation, Asylos is currently reformulating its long-term strategy. Core goals for the next decade will be to consolidate Asylos’ standing and partnerships within the COI sector, to expand its research trainings for both volunteers and COI professionals, as well as to strengthen its work on strategic research reports. These goals require a sound financial strategy.

Job description

Asylos is looking for a new member for its board of trustees who can bring sector-specific fundraising expertise and join us in developing and implementing a fundraising strategy that lives up to the needs of the organisation in the years to come.

Asylos is currently largely funded by three philanthropic foundations and a small handful of smaller-scale donors. We would be keen to diversify our fundraising streams, to invest into relationship-building with foundations and trusts, and to develop more long-term strategic partnerships with asylum lawyers, COI providers and other relevant stakeholders within the sector.

To move this agenda forward, we are looking for a fundraising trustee with:

  • genuine interest in evidence-based asylum procedures
  • proven fundraising experience in the charitable/community sector (sector-specific knowledge is a plus)
  • ambition to help us develop our financial sustainability by diversifying our income streams
  • willingness to act as ambassador for Asylos in front of foundations and potential funders not only within the UK, but also across Europe and North America
  • readiness to work together with the staff team and the rest of the board to create innovative ideas to gain funds
  • curiosity to work with a diverse, transnational network of engaged volunteer researchers

We particularly welcome applications from individuals with lived experience in claiming asylum.

This is an exciting opportunity to support Asylos’ growth and to shape its work over the years to come. As a trustee, you will be working closely with a passionate team of people from different countries and professional backgrounds.

Given that we are a transnational network, we mostly work online. The board meets on average four times a year, with at least one in-person meeting per year organised in a European capital (usually on a weekend). Trustees are appointed on a 3-year term, renewable.

How to apply

Please send your CV and cover letter (max one page) to [email protected]. We will assess applications on a rolling basis. We would love to hear from you what past fundraising experience you can bring to Asylos and what your initial fundraising ideas for Asylos would be. 

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