This joint report by Asylos and ARC Foundation addresses an information gap on the topic of state treatment of LGBTQI+ persons in Ghana. The topic was chosen through consultation with legal representatives in the UK who identified an existing gap in country of origin information (COI) particularly in regards to the treatment of LGBTQI+ persons by state authorities. Tribunal guidance in the form of UK Country Guidance determinations on this issue is non-existent and currently UK Home Office figures indicate a low acceptance rate at first instance and of allowed appeals of asylum claims.

The report covers six research areas and includes interviews carried out with nine different interlocutors ranging from academics, LGBTQI+ activists and NGO directors based in Ghana, the UK and the US. In sharing our findings Asylos and ARC Foundation hope to fill the gap in COI literature about the treatment of LGBTQI+ persons fearing the state and thus contribute to a more informed and complete picture of the situation.

This report was published in collaboration with Asylum Research Centre (ARC) Foundation in March 2021.

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Ghana: State Treatment of LGBTQI+ Persons
March 2021

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The report is part of a series of strategic research reports that address critical gaps in country of origin information. Its publication was made possible with the kind support of Paul Hamlyn Foundation.