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Asylos is a network of volunteer researchers providing on demand background research to support asylum claims. The research concerns the situation in the country of origin of the asylum seeker or other facts relating to an individual asylum claim. In many countries, legal aid provided for asylum seekers is limited. Lawyers can’t devote sufficient time to researching information which may substantiate asylum requests in court. Asylos volunteers look for information that can help to establish whether forcing a refugee to return to his/her country of origin or transit would threaten his/her life or deny fundamental human and civil rights.  

Asylos is looking for a researcher for its MENA (Middle East and North Africa), Africa and Russia/CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) research teams. The volunteer researcher will conduct research to support asylum seekers coming from the MENA region. This entails looking into security situation, human rights violations and any other facts that will support an asylum seeker in proving his/her need for protection The researcher will have to commit up to two hours per week and will work in close cooperation with the other team members and team coordinators, sharing best practices and feedback.

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