In July 2023, the Government of the United Kingdom passed the Illegal Migration Bill into law. Under the Act, the majority of asylum claims of new arrivals to the UK are deemed ‘inadmissible’, and the legislation foresees a duty on the Home Secretary to remove individuals with inadmissible claims to their home country or a safe third country, regardless of the merits of their case. This research was initiated in response to a need for information on the conditions experienced by trafficked men, women and children in Albania identified by legal representatives and practitioners in the field of asylum. We undertook research covering trafficking profiles, protection, and assistance in Albania for survivors of trafficking, and its limitations in practice.

The report is a resource for legal representatives and decision-makers alike, providing good quality Country of Origin Information research to support fair asylum decisions. For a consolidated overview of this report’s key findings, we recommend reading the Summary, which was produced in conjunction with the full report. You can download these below.

Download the Summary, Full Report and Annexes

Albania: Trafficking
April 2024
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