Our research counters misinformation and stereotypes, challenging public misconceptions that make their way into courts, and supporting individuals who are fleeing human rights violations underreported in the media.

During the past years, we have produced nearly 500 research reports and helped thousands of refugees claim their right to asylum.
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Lawyers tell us that they would not have had the resources to conduct thorough country-of-origin information research without our help. Our research reports have been used in at least 20 countries and regularly quoted in court decisions. They have been used by UNHCR to inform UN eligibility guidelines, been submitted as evidence in the 2018 UK Country Guidance on Afghanistan and have been referenced by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO), as well as several European government agencies and NGOs.
“Asylos is the perfect match between the mastery of a language and the understanding of law" Myriam Thomas, lawyer at the Paris bar

funding opportunities

We are committed to creating a sustainable system which ensures that every asylum applicant in any country has access to high-quality documentation. To do that we are always looking for opportunities to strengthen and expand our capacity. We have the backing of some of the world’s foremost philanthropists, but we need your help to give more asylum-seekers a chance at justice. 

  • Help us engage a head of research to be the focal point for research training and editing of research notes for publication
  • Bring lawyers in your country together with our volunteers for an annual summit in training and research development
  • Facilitate specialised country-of-origin information research workshops for lawyers in your country
  • Support us in developing technical tools to make the COI research process even more efficient

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current funders

We are deeply grateful for the ongoing financial support from our current philanthropic donors: