Asylos provides services free of charge to lawyers and caseworkers around the world assisting asylum seekers through their legal procedures. We produce case-based and broader country-of-origin information (COI) research reports which lawyers and caseworkers can use to support a variety of protection-based claims in court. Our reports can be used to inform your argument, or submit in whole or in part to a tribunal or appeals committee.

what we offer

bespoke case-based COI research for your client

Quality COI research can make or break an asylum application. We help lawyers and caseworkers in any country of arrival support their clients' case by producing individualised reports on specific human rights situations in refugee countries of origin. From political or religious persecution to access to medical care, if the information is out there, we will find it. You can access our services here.

a database of prior reports covering a wide range of subjects and countries

All our anonymised reports are contained within our database, accessible to lawyers and caseworkers assisting asylum-seekers through their legal procedure. With almost 400 reports produced in the last 4 years, it is the only database of its kind intended to explicitly help asylum-seekers provide evidence of their claim. You can access our resources here.

strategic reports, covering significant gaps in the existing literature

Our public Strategic Reports aim to address the needs of groups of asylum-seekers whose cases are under-documented in media and international reports. We identify strategic gaps in the COI and seek out new authoritative sources to fill them. You can browse our Strategic Reports here.

Images: Network by Meaghan Hendricks from the Noun Project, Work by Kokota from the Noun Project, group by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project