At Asylos, we believe that every asylum seeker deserves a fair opportunity to claim his or her right to protection. Evidence to prove persecution or to support the credibility of individual testimony is a vital element in the decisions taken to grant or withhold asylum. But many refugees and their legal representatives cannot access this necessary information.

To redress this imbalance and protect the right to asylum, Asylos aims to:

ensure that asylum seekers and their legal counsel have access to crucial information to substantiate their claim

We believe that refugees and their counsel should have equal access to information and sufficient resources to conduct the needed research. Those helping to defend asylum seekers’ rights face great difficulties when researching information: it often requires knowledge of local languages, experience in researching complex human rights issues and access to expert evidence in the countries of origin. We leverage our research skills, contextual knowledge, and contacts on the ground to ensure access to proper documentation.

ensure that the asylum procedure is evidence-based and unbiased

We believe that decisions on individual claims should be fair and based on proper evidence instead of preconceptions. Country-of-origin information (COI) reports produced by public administrations should meet the highest standards of our legal system and be driven by respect for human rights. Information relied upon by public authorities should be accessible to the public. Asylum courts should rule based on the best available evidence and data. Officials with decision-making power should receive sufficient training to make evidence-based decisions. They need to be aware of the latest developments in the countries of origin of the asylum seekers.

we believe in asylum decisions based on evidence

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