Nour Machlah is a member of the Asylos Advisory Committee. He is an architecture master’s student, public speaker and policy advisor based in Lisbon. After the Syrian war, he moved to Lebanon and Turkey. Since 2014 he is studying in Portugal completing his architecture master's degree. He has taken part in conferences all over Portugal and Europe on integration for migrants and refugees, human rights, peace and war, as well as the dialogue between cultures and religions. In 2016, he was a speaker at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and in 2017, he represented the European Youth Forum in one of the debates at the European Parliament in Brussels as ideas-giver on the new common European asylum system. In November 2017, he presented his first TEDx talk in TEDx Porto on the topic of Stereotyping. between 2018 and 2019 He has been involved in the integration process for migrants and refugees in Portugal as an advisor and member for social inclusion topics in the European migrant advisory board, one of the projects of the Urban Agenda for the European Union in regard to Inclusion for Migrants and Refugees.