Asylos’ new Country of Origin Information report, Rwanda: COI Compilation, Asylum System, covers a broad range of information relating to Rwanda’s asylum system. Asylos produced this COI compilation in response to high demand for information illustrating the conditions that asylum seekers deported from the UK to Rwanda could face. The research terms of reference were produced with input from the legal community. Our Rwanda COI Compilation and commentary are complementary reports and you may find it helpful to read them in conjunction.

This COI compilation is intended as background reference material for legal representatives and those assisting asylum seekers who are informed of the Home Office’s intention to relocate them to Rwanda, to assist in the preparation of their case. The COI compilation should be used as a tool to help identify relevant COI. Legal representatives are welcome to submit relevant excerpts cited in this document to decision makers (including judges) to assist an asylum seeker’s case. However, this document should not be submitted directly, in its entirety or in isolation as evidence to decision-makers in asylum related submissions or appeals.

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Rwanda: COI Compilation, Asylum System
August 2022

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